Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Cup Cake II
(Local Delights)
After the 1st cupcakes class, there are a number of students that request for durian flavour cupcake. Therefore, I decided to create the next menu base on local famous foods and fruit. The first cake is durian cake with pandan sponge and I have tried to pipe the cream to make it like a mini durian.
The next menu that I have is black glutinous rice coconut mousse cupcake.  Pulot Hitam is one of my favour desert and this is where I get my inspiration. This cake has more work to be done as compare to the Pulot Hitam desert. I have to boil and soften the black gultinous rice before making the mousse.   
The other cup cake is base on a very popular bread spread in Singapore is Kaya. Kaya is also known as coconut egg jam, this is made from coconut milk, eggs which are flavored by pandan leaf and sweetened with sugar. In order to make the cake more attracive, I try to use cocount flake to make a nest and the chocolate to the make the baby birds. 

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