Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Cup Cake II
(Local Delights)
After the 1st cupcakes class, there are a number of students that request for durian flavour cupcake. Therefore, I decided to create the next menu base on local famous foods and fruit. The first cake is durian cake with pandan sponge and I have tried to pipe the cream to make it like a mini durian.
The next menu that I have is black glutinous rice coconut mousse cupcake.  Pulot Hitam is one of my favour desert and this is where I get my inspiration. This cake has more work to be done as compare to the Pulot Hitam desert. I have to boil and soften the black gultinous rice before making the mousse.   
The other cup cake is base on a very popular bread spread in Singapore is Kaya. Kaya is also known as coconut egg jam, this is made from coconut milk, eggs which are flavored by pandan leaf and sweetened with sugar. In order to make the cake more attracive, I try to use cocount flake to make a nest and the chocolate to the make the baby birds. 

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cup Cakes I

Cup Cakes I

Recently, I have been quiet busy. Therefore, I have not been writing blog for sometime. In the past few weeks, I have been looking into all different type of cup cakes available in the market. Most of the cupcakes made are having butter cake base with butter cream which I find that it is too heavy and dry.

After so much though, I decide to make cup cake with sponge cake and fresh cream. My first creation is strawberry cupcake. Besides having strawberry mousse, I also put in some cut strawberry inside so that to make it more tasty.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Asia Food

Asia Food

I have promised my friends to post some Singapore food recipe. This recipe is more of a fusion cooking.

Asparagus wrap with Pork Belly

Thai Asparagus (they are thin so it is easy to cook) 1 packet

Thinly slice pork belly 300g

Sake 2Tbsp

Mirin 2Tbsp

Sugar 1/2 to 1 Tbsp

Dark soy sauce (Koikuchi Shoyu) 2Tbsp


1. Wash the Asparagus and cut away the harder portion at the bottom.

2. Warp the 2/3 asparagus with the pork belly.

3. Heat oil in a pan over medium heat and pan fry for 3 minutes.

4. Combine soy sauce, mirin, sake and suagr in a bowl the pour the sauce over the pork and simmer in the bubbling sauce minutes till the sauce is reduced.

Note: The sauce can be use to cook Teriyaki chicken also.

Monday, February 23, 2009



My friend has ordered a cake from me for her boy friend birthday. She has placed the order 2 month ago. Since it is the Korea strawberries season now, I have decided to make "La Fraisier" (Strawberry Gateau).

“Fraisier” is a French word meaning strawberry plant. The classic La Faisier is a cake made with layers of génoise (sponge), crème mousseline (flavored butter cream) and fraises (fresh strawberries), then covered with a thin sheet of marzipan (almond paste). But due to the humid weather in Singapore, it is not advisable to have covered almond paste on top of the cake. In order to keep the cake, we have to stored it in the fridge but almond paste will become moist once it is fridge. Therefore, I have replaced by covering the cake with chocolate ganache instead of marzipan.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty

In my last posting, I have promised to upload some of the Hello Kitty cakes which I have made previously in the Hello Kitty party. The Hello Kitty cupcakes are top with strawberry cream and the Hello Kitty face is made of white chocolate with dark chocolate crispy ball inside.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Chinese New Year Gathering

Chinese New Year Gathering

I have been invited to a Hello Kitty Fan Club Chinese New Year Gathering this Friday. The host collected a lot of Hello Kitty stuff ranging from house hold items to figuring. Since she collect almost everything related to this character, it is very difficult to get a gift for her. Therefore, on every gathering, I will try to make some thing for the host relating to Hello Kitty. In the past, I use to make Hello Kitty Cake for her. But this year, I decided to make Hello Kitty sugar cookies for her. The cookies that I made are with lemon flavor so as to reduce the sweetness since there is a layer of icing on top.

I will post out the Hello Kitty Cakes that I have done previously on the next few day.

Monday, February 2, 2009

1st Day of Chinese New Year

1st Day of Chinese New Year

1ST day of Chinese New Year is a busy day for my family. My mum will prepare shark fin soup for lunch. Therefore, she will wake up early in the morning to prepare the dish. According to my family tradition, my uncle, aunt and cousins will come over to our house for dinner. My mum will cook the Reunion Treasure Pot (Pen Cai). The Treasure Pot is a traditional festive dish of layered ingredients comprising pork, duck, abalone, fish maw, prawn, dried mushroom, dried scallop, yam, carrot, chinese cabbage and chinese radish.

Another dish that my mum will not miss out is curry chicken. My mum is very particular about the curry taste, she never use curry powder to cook the curry. She will always blend her own paste with dry chillies, fresh chillies, dry shrimp, garlic, shallot, belachan and galangal.

The next dish is stir fry winter bamboo shoot with sweet pea and prawn. This type of bamboo shoot can only be available during this period of time. Another important ingredient to be added is the fry flatfish (dry type).

This is only some of the Chinese New Year dishes. I will add in the others dishes next time.

"Moo" Year

"Moo" Year

Since last year, my sister has been giving me a yearly challenge to create cookies that symbolize the zodiac sign. So I have to start looking for ingredient to produce the different parts of the animal. This is not a just a plain cookies, it is wrap with pork floss inside. All my friends and relative just love the cookies.

After making the "Moo" cookies, I have to start thinking of how to create the next zodiac sign. But instead of making the tiger zodiac sign, my sister is giving me another bigger challenge. She has requested me to make the entire 12 zodiac next year. Therefore, I have to start squeezing my brain juice again.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Valentine Day

Valentine Day

Making sugar cookies is so much fun and challenge. There is a sense of achievement when you have completed the work. To me this is a piece of art whereby you ready need to use your creativity in order to get as much design as you can in every piece of the cookies.

Valentine day is about 1 week away from now, instead of giving roses that can last only for a few days, it will be a good ideas to give your love one something sweet, delicious and an unforgettable gift. This is some of the cookies that I have created for Valentine day and it can be given in individual piece or in a bouquet.

Gong Xi Fa Cai


This year the Chinese New Year is early and it is only 1 month always from Christmas. Therefore, I have been busy baking cookies after Christmas. I have completed all my Chinese New Year orders 1 week before the actual day and I have planned to experiment and try some new recipe on the last week. But due to the request from my nephew, I only manage to bake a batch of cookies in order to fulfill his wish.

During Christmas time, my sister friend has order some gingerbread from me as a gift for her colleague. My nephew has tried the gingerbread and he just loves it. Therefore, I decided to make some for him with Chinese New Year team.